Wedding video - Barossa wedding - Adelaide videographer

When I think about the hours I work with my freelance journalism, photography, wedding videos, and my job in marketing, it can sound a little intimidating. I have my freak-out moments like yesterday, when I realised I was working every single day of July. 

But then I remember that I'm a lucky one. For me, work can mean meeting the most gorgeous, interesting people, and being invited into their lives to make something special. Work can mean this wedding video I did for a friend of a friend at the last minute. Work can mean climbing to the top of a church tower to film the ringing of an ancient bell, and shuffling back down a creaky ladder in heels to capture a little girl walking her mum down the aisle. 

I don't always share my wedding work on here, but I know my friends aren't the only ones who enjoy a sneaky watch of wedding clips and photos now and again, so I thought you might enjoy it too.

Chanelle x

PS - I don't do videos all too often so if you're judging away at my technical ability, I'm judging with you.