Surfing in Adelaide with a waterproof disposable camera


You know when your friend hints at an explosively juicy secret and stops right there? Dangles gossip above your head and then says 'oh but I can't tell you any more'? 

I hate it. I'm impatient. I need to know. Just tell me already. Tell me and I will wait on you hand and foot for the next 24 hours. Relieve my of my itchy curiosity. 

This time, I'm that friend. Because these film photos, these are mere outtakes. I'm compiling work from disposable cameras and exhibiting it at Salad Days in a couple of weeks' time, but until then, this is all you get to see. (If you're in Adelaide, I'd love to see you at the opening party for the Disposable exhibition.)

Chanelle x


surfing in Adelaide
Adelaide sunset
Southport cliffs Adelaide