Visiting Cape Town alone - Stopover in Qatar

h&m floral dress

Diva headband | H&M floral dress | Vintage boots - on Table Mountain

cape town

Cape Town

Table Mountain

Table Mountain as seen from Robben Island

After a relaxing 10 days with friends in Cape Town, South Africa (above), I moved on to Qatar for a day, and I'm now in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where the culture is diverse, the curry is scorching, and showering twice a day is 

de rigueur

The 12 short hours I spent frolicking around Doha, Qatar (below), were among the most bizarre in my life. I was hit on by the Kuwaiti soccer team twice, inadvertently gatecrashed a five-star hotel's private beach (and made good use of it), and ate turkish delight on what felt like the set of Aladdin. I've never felt more out of place in my life, among the locals in their head-to-toe dresses: white for the men, black for the women. They looked rather like chess pieces.

Monday marks my first breath of Australian air since August, and I'm counting down the hours. I hope you've been enjoying my photography from around the world - only Malaysia and Singapore to go now. Adelaide kids, some of these images will be featured in a Fringe exhibition this year, and I'll let you know the details soon.

Happy summer!



Souq Waqif

Souq Waqif in Qatar

Souq Waqif mosque
Souq Waqif laneway
Souq Waqif laneway