Dolce Vita for Target studded flats - Vintage sheer shi

light leaks
sheer shirt and high-waisted jeans
vintage sky
double exposure

Vintage shirt, jeans, earrings and scarf (worn as belt) | Dolce Vita for Target studded oxfords

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You know when people ask 'What's new?' and you have nothing to say, because nothing's changed of late? I don't have that problem right now. Every jolly thing is new and I don't know where to start. I'm a real-life, employed journalist at a major television network now. (I was majoring in journalism with a minor in unemployment, but I guess this rescinds my minor.) I wouldn't have enough hands to juggle all the opportunities that are being offered to me right now even if I was that hyperdextrous Hindu goddess Kali.

The details of the Adelaide Fringe exhibition I'll be part of have been confirmed! (Helloooo, artist pass that gets me in shows for free.) So if you're up for some cool mixed media art by young global nomads, drop in to the UniSA student lounge between the 8th and 13th of March for My Global Experience.

Chanelle x

Vintage high waisted jeans
Vintage white sheer shirt