J Crew mini skirt | Ksubi memphis boots | Plato's Closet Littleton

Of all concepts unique to the USA, the consignment store is probably the one I value the most. (Sorry, high-fructose corn syrup...I will never understand you.) I've bought and sold, both online and offline, from these genius little establishments for years. For shoppers, their ranges are far more reliable than eBay, and as a seller, it's a chance to get rid of nice clothes that eBay's auction freaks just won't appreciate. But what I love even more than the financial benefits are the ethical ones. The idea of giving people access to brand new clothing with zero toll on the environment just makes sense. What's more, by buying consignment, you can be sure you're not producing demand for questionable labour practices in shonky factories.

The first store that hooked me back in 2010 was a little chain called Plato's Closet. What differentiates it from an op shop is its buying policy: it only buys clothes that are no more than 18 months old, which makes its range fairly reliable as far as styles and condition. (Technically, it's not a consignment store, since it buys and sells rather than selling for you and taking a cut off the top. But to a shopper, it's all the same.) 

My love for consignment came full circle when Plato's Closet asked me to shop their Littleton store and see what I could style up with a $50 gift card. This (brand new!) J Crew skirt was $10 and the Gap shirt was $6 - I'm not complaining.

Chanelle x

Elliatt  cape ( in black on Nasty Gal ) |   Gap  The New Tailored Shirt in Geometric (  similar  ) (gift from  Plato's Closet ) |  J Crew  mini skirt (  similar  ) (gift from  Plato's Closet ) |  Vintage collar tips and earrings

Elliatt cape (in black on Nasty Gal) | Gap The New Tailored Shirt in Geometric (similar) (gift from Plato's Closet) | J Crew mini skirt (similar) (gift from Plato's Closet) | Vintage collar tips and earrings

Gap  The New Tailored Shirt in Geometric (  similar  ) (gift from  Plato's Closet ) |  J Crew  mini skirt (  similar  ) (gift from  Plato's Closet ) |  Ksubi  Memphis boots |  Cheap Monday   Point Black sunnies  (gift from General Pants)

Gap The New Tailored Shirt in Geometric (similar) (gift from Plato's Closet) | J Crew mini skirt (similar) (gift from Plato's Closet)| Ksubi Memphis boots | Cheap Monday Point Black sunnies (gift from General Pants)