A Night of Fashion at the Art Gallery 2012 - Adelaide fashion parades

Attitude magazine, hair and makeup
Madi S @ Pride Models, backstage
Alex C @ Pride Models, hair and makeup
Lilli Anthus flowers
A Night of Fashion at the Art Gallery backstage
Sophie Loxton, hair and makeup
Hair and makeup backstage at A Night of Fashion 2012

A magazine, an art gallery and a collection of gowns had a baby, and it was called A Night of Fashion at the Art Gallery. Internationally, it isn't uncommon to see models stomp the floors of prestigious art galleries, but in South Australia, the night was groundbreaking for the local industry. 

Locals would be familiar with the tight young pack of dressmakers who showed:

Paolo Sebastian


Jaimie Sortino


Couture + Love + Madness

— the last of whom especially is consistently showing signs of improvement each season. From Sydney came current season Willow, Carla Zampatti, Bianca Spender and Scanlan & Theodore, who seemed to go the way of the interstate designers at Fashion Avenue by showing safe, unremarkable collections. Perhaps it's another case of catering to the perceived tastes of Adelaide buyers.  

But if anyone would know about catering to locals, it's the city's highest end boutique,

The New Guard

, and its vintage equivalent,

Claire Inc

. Unlike their interstate peers, they held back no styling whim, sending loud prints and slogan tees down the catwalk. 

Must Adelaide continue to deal with condescendingly edited collections sent from Sydney? Are locals just too conservative for an undiluted dose of high fashion? If you asked Belinda, stylist/buyer/owner of Claire Inc, she'd probably say something along the lines of (Moschi)no.

Full gallery of the parade on Facebook.

Scanlan and Theodore at A Night of Fashion
Willow at A Night of Fashion

Scanlan & Theodore | Carla Zampatti

Willow at A Night of Fashion
Emilia Skuza in Jaimie Sortino

Willow | Jaimie Sortino

Couture + Love + Madness
Moschino umbrella at A Night of Fashion

Couture + Love + Madness | Claire Inc

Paolo Sebastian at A Night of Fashion
The New Guard at A Night of Fashion

Paolo Sebastian | The New Guard