Lace socks - Vintage cardigan - Denim vest

Vintage cardigan, denim waistcoat, dress, watch and boots | Dotti fingerless lace gloves (worn on feet)

It was one of those days when all I needed was a pair of lacy socks. You know the ones - those hideous cotton things our mothers forced on our feet when we were little tackers. (I hated them so much I used to step in mud so that they had to be thrown away.) Anyway, I came to the realisation that I


lacy socks. Rummaging through my sock drawer, my hands came across lace and I yanked it out in excitement, only to find that they were fingerless gloves I forgot I had. Disappointment ensued, until I had an epiphany: make do.

So on they went, and nobody knew any better...until the shopkeeper at Whistles complimented my socks, to which I replied, 'Actually, they're gloves.' The look of bewilderment on her face was so worth it.