Adelaide models: Holly Watson (Pride Models, Giant Management)

Holly Watson

The first time I saw a photo of Holly Watson, I could barely believe she wasn't already a star. It was her first shoot, and at that point she wasn't even signed. Fast forward a year and she's a staple on the runways and a photographers' favourite, signed with

Pride Models in Adelaide

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Giant Management

in Melbourne, and Red11 in New Zealand. She's even been described as a

'baby Abbey Lee Kershaw'

. In this exclusive interview she gives us a snapshot of life as the next big thing.

How old are you? 

I'm 18 years old, turning 19 on 8 May.

How were you discovered? 

I was discovered when an Adelaide-based photographer I had shot with for fun (forced by one of my girlfriends) went into my agency looking for work. I have her to thank for the giant stroke of luck of my agency seeing my photos.

What is a normal day like for you? 

Now that I have just completed my diploma in beauty therapy I shall be spending my days waxing and massaging family and friends for petty cash. haha, just kidding. I tend to sleep a lot, exercise a lot, watch Disney movies and I have an addiction to The Sims!

How have you changed since you began modelling? 

Holly Watson in Camilla at Fashion Avenue 2012

I like to think I have become a lot better with speaking to new people; I now work better under pressure and my overall confidence is higher. But moreso how I dress, I can now say to myself, 'No Holly, those navy pants do not match that Garfield sweater.'

How long do you think you'll be modelling for? 

Hopefully into my late twenties, I had wanted to model for so long and I hope I have the longest journey possible.

What's your favourite job that you've had? 

Probably the cover shoot I did for Parade Magazine, the weather was horrible but the whole team I worked with were amazing, the clothes I wanted to run off with and it was just so creative, I loved it.

If you weren't modelling, what would you be doing? 

Crying daily over the fact I'm not living my dream haha nah, I'm sure I'd be working in a beauty salon.

What makes you happy? What makes you angry? What makes you sad?

Collecting snails makes me happy. Smacking my hip bone on every surface in my house at least once a day makes me angry. I'm sad that I can't wear onesies without them being ankle freezers.

Favourite smell? 

My Hello Kitty bubblegum spray for only $4. That's a cheap scent!

Holly Watson in Lucette at Fashion Avenue 2012

Are you one of those tall girls that doesn't really enjoy being tall? 

Growing up I didn't like it much; I usually felt uncomfortable and all of my friends were a lot shorter. Now that I am older I really love being my height and I'm very grateful as it's helped me get this far with my modelling. I also now love my lanky limbs, thanks Mum.

Give me your best advice for life or love. 

Love: don't settle for anything that isn't exactly what you want; you deserve the very best.

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