Q&A: Adelaide model Hannah Green (EMG, Pride Models)

Hannah Green 3petitspoints

Anybody who knows me well knows I'm an unashamed Taylor Swift fan. Everything about her I should hate, but the sum of her consumer culture parts somehow works, and I think she's one of the cutest girls to have walked this planet. And if we're going on looks alone, then I must be a Hannah Green fan too; this Pride Models/EMG Models  face has the same gorgeous eyes, crazy good legs and blonde locks of the country-pop singer. You've seen her in Dolly, Cosmopolitan and 3petitspoints (left, photographed by Pauline Darley) -- let's get to know this local girl.

How old are you? 

20, but I’m hanging out to be 21!

What was it like the first time you had to walk a runway? 

I can’t even remember it was so long ago! But I think I would have been really nervous and when I’m nervous I can’t keep still -- before I walk on the runway you will always find me dancing around to calm my nerves!

Where do you call home?

Little old Adelaide! It’s no Melbourne or Sydney but I love it.

What is the craziest thing you've had to do for a shoot? 

I haven't really done anything too crazy for a shoot, as most of the work I do is very commercial. However some of the hair styles I’ve had have been insane - and very very hard to get out! There was one I remember vividly. First they blow-dried our hair with moose, gelled some, then they crimped some, teased it, straightened it, hair sprayed it and put temporary colour chalk in the ends. It took three washed to get out and I had a headache for two days after it.

Hannah Green on catwalk

What are the perks of your job?

Aside from the obvious perks like travel, meeting new people and being the first to see all the upcoming trends and designers. I really enjoy helping the people I’m working for achieve their vision. I love to watch all their hard work and creativity fall into place and being a part of the team that made it happen. 

Why are so many models vegetarian or vegan? Are you? 

I was a vegetarian for over four years but have recently gone back to eating most meats. I chose to be vegetarian for my health but I also really love trying new food options and ideas. I don't actually know any models who are vegetarian, but I assume it could be related to environmental reasons or animal cruelty. I however find it really irritating when a model is vegetarian to prevent animal cruelty yet wears fur in shoots or in shows.

Do you have, or have you ever had a mentor?

Not really. When I started modelling I was very young, everyone was always older than me. I learnt a lot by watching what the older girls did and how they acted. 

Where do you want to be in 20 years' time? 

I would ideally love to have four kids (yes four!!). I just adore children and can’t wait to have my own! I would like to spend the majority of my time looking after them and maybe working two days a week as a nurse or somewhere in the health care system.

Hannah Green @ Finesse

Have you ever been recognised in public?

Not really - well not in a movie star 'can I have my picture taken with you' sort of way. The only thing similar was when my mum was forcing me to have my photo taken in front of a life size banner of myself in a shopping mall. A few people recognised me and came up to me and said that I looked great!

I think you look like a bit Taylor Swift (minus her curly hair, of course). Discuss. 

I have been told that a few times actually! I think it’s very flattering- though I wish I could have her curly hair and her ability to sing as well - I’m pretty much tone deaf haha! I also get told I look like Rachel McAdams, Eva Green (no relation) and Billie Piper!