Free Portraits for LGBT Couples


The past week has been a week of grief for many American residents, including myself. Not because Hillary Clinton lost - parties have won and lost throughout history and the USA hasn't caved in yet - but because America has revealed its character. Our concerns about inequality, violence and apathy have been reaffirmed. 

Whether or not a Trump presidency changes anything on a policy level for LGBT people, the problem is that there are millions of people in the US who now feel empowered to discriminate against their fellow Americans. Millions of people voted for Pence, who said that preventing gay marriage was enforcing "God's idea" for America, and that gay couples signalled "societal collapse". Ken Blackwell, who has been appointed to lead domestic policy under the new administration, has compared homosexuality with arson and kleptomania. One of Trump's Supreme Court picks William Pryor argued that people need to be "protected" from the "consequences" of homosexuality. Another, Don Willett, has a history of rejecting gay marriage and deriding transgender children. Trump's appointed Attorney-General Jeff Sessions said a gay Supreme Court nominee would be a "big conern" about which people would feel "uneasy".

As a Christian, I'm horrified, and deeply sorry. I don't know what to say, and I didn't know the right thing to do. Maybe I still don't. But photography is what I can do, so photography is what I will do. 

I would like to offer free portrait sessions for LGBT couples - you don't have to be engaged or married, just in love. Any age, any gender, anywhere in Denver & surrounds. Contact me to book a session. 

PS: I understand that I will receive push-back on this. Republican voters, please understand that I am not accusing you of bigotry. I know there are many well-meaning people who voted for Trump, and not all are anti-LGBT rights. I am just doing my best to help people who will likely face increased prejudice over the next few years, as bills like FADA, which Trump supports, will tangibly affect their lives. I am trying not to be alarmist - like all of us, I am merely trying to love others as best I know how.

PPS: I want to make this effort as intersectional as I can. Please let me know if you are Muslim, or otherwise stand to be rejected by other photography businesses because of last week's results, and we can talk about how I can help. I often offer free work to nonprofit organisations.