Fort Collins Fashion Design Shoot

Dixon Lake Fort Collins
Fort Collins Natural areas

Colorado at its ugliest stomps all over most of the western world at its finest. Even after the trees have shed October's golden robes, even when the flowers of spring have been crushed, even when summer's sapphire skies have been washed into hibernation, beauty remains. And soon, our naked hills will bear the sparkling glaze of snow.

It was this reticent landscape that awaited us when our team arrived at the Front Range foothills to shoot upcoming designer Michelle Rushton's pieces for her lookbook. But Mother Nature remained the true star. 

Chanelle x

Clothing & styling: Michelle Rushton

Model: Regan Lee

Photography & processing: Chanelle Leslie

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Dixon Reservoir Fort Collins
Horsetooth Reservoir
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Colorado State University fashion students
Pineridge Natural Area Fort Collins