75 seconds with Emma Steen and Gwen + Beck

Emma Steen and Che Kerr-Pilling epitomise the idealistic joie de vivre that teenage girls envision when they think of success in fashion. The make-up artists turned jewellery designers, buyers and entrepreneurs are fresh-faced enough to be excited by their new Wayville studio, and smart enough to know that passion alone isn't enough to fuel their company. 

Steen + Kerr, the wholesaler they founded as an umbrella for their two labels, is based in Adelaide, but the pair's vision will see it operate nationwide as the year progresses. Steen's hand-made, eponymous range found success in boutiques and mid-range markets before the pair decided they also needed something to offer a younger style set. So they dived into Gwen + Beck, Emma Steen's more energetic cousin on a friendlier budget. 

Want to know exactly how a duo with a dream hopped on the path to success in fashion? Get to know Steen and Kerr in this 75-second clip.

Music by YACHT.
Directed and produced by Chanelle Leslie.
Assisted by Katelin Delhanty. 

Chanelle x