I DIY'd an Artifact Uprising Wood Block Print Holder

I often have clients ask me where to print their photos (if you didn't know already, my packages ALWAYS give clients full print release and allow you to print your images where you want!). I usually recommend Blurb for low-budget albums, and Artifact Uprising for higher budgets. Next month, I'll share a Blurb print I'm making (and I've actually shared a Blurb album before), so now I want to share an Artifact Uprising print. This was a 2mm ultra thick print that can hold its own weight when placed in a wood block holder, which I DIY'd since they cost $18 on their site!

The holder was as simple as using a hacksaw, an orbital sander, and some sandpaper to widen the slot to fit the print. (Though I'm a novice, I LOVE woodworking and will find any excuse to put my tools to use.)

This ended up being a Chrissy present for a rellie, but I'd recommend these ultra thick prints for anyone who wants the best small heavyweight print money can buy. (But make your own wood print holder!)