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East coast USA road trip videos

Wind-whipped hair shivers in and out of my field of vision as our silver Mustang cruises through South Carolina freeways - top down, of course, darling. It's the way I imagine Lana Del Rey would travel exclusively if she had the choice, and I feel nothing less than a superstar. It's early September on the east coast of the USA, where humidity clings like a teenaged lover and fast food joints populate the scenery like stars in the night sky.


It's my dad, my sister, and me, and our road trip begins in Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta is humungous - more spread out than anywhere I've ever lived, in geography as well as the average waistline. After two days there, I realise I haven't seen a single jogger or cyclist at all. (In Denver, summer evenings will see more people exercising than not on the average footpath.) It's green, but green in an Edward Scissorhands way: more perfect than pretty. We have to go out of our way to find good food: after several weeks staying there, my sister texted to say she hadn't had a decent meal since she left Australia. Unsurprisingly, we soon discover that Atlanta was the birthplace of Chick-fil-A. But on the recommendation of an Australian friend, we find an unfussy Italian pizza restaurant that served the best slices any of us had ever scoffed down. (That's right, Adelaideans: even better than Etica and EST.) We also hunt out a couple of other things to do in the culture-starved megapolis.


From Georgia, we head straight to Washington DC. Idyllic blue lakes and green hills offer brief greetings to alleviate the discomfort of the nine hour drive. But turning off the freeway is like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow: the first glorious sight is the towering Washington Monument, and then, oh! Is that the long pool in Forrest Gump? Look, on the left! It's the White House! No, over here! That's the Capitol! The city slowly unfolds its history like a ballerina extending her limbs. And like the ballet, it's best seen at night. 


New York state is the wide-eyed, enigmatic sister to New York City: if the city is Beyonce, the state is Solange. The state is so stunning that there's no need to draw attention to itself: those who know it, love it, and its gorgeous lakes and mountains are secure in that. Our cheeks leave marks on the Mustang windows as we admire the scenery. But first, a detour to Canada to see the Niagara Falls' better side. (Border security officers prod and poke at our stories for hours, but it's worth the hassle: the Canadian side is far more beautiful.)

Maiden of the Mist, Niagara Falls, Canada

Maiden of the Mist, Niagara Falls, Canada

Tribute in Light test before September 11

Tribute in Light test before September 11

The New York City skyline by night

The New York City skyline by night

Now, I'm back in Colorado, but within days, I'll be off again. This time I'll be landing in Barbados for nearly a week, with a quick stopover in Miami. Have you been there? Any recommendations for your girl?

Chanelle x

J Crew mini skirt | Ksubi memphis boots | Plato's Closet Littleton

Of all concepts unique to the USA, the consignment store is probably the one I value the most. (Sorry, high-fructose corn syrup...I will never understand you.) I've bought and sold, both online and offline, from these genius little establishments for years. For shoppers, their ranges are far more reliable than eBay, and as a seller, it's a chance to get rid of nice clothes that eBay's auction freaks just won't appreciate. But what I love even more than the financial benefits are the ethical ones. The idea of giving people access to brand new clothing with zero toll on the environment just makes sense. What's more, by buying consignment, you can be sure you're not producing demand for questionable labour practices in shonky factories.

The first store that hooked me back in 2010 was a little chain called Plato's Closet. What differentiates it from an op shop is its buying policy: it only buys clothes that are no more than 18 months old, which makes its range fairly reliable as far as styles and condition. (Technically, it's not a consignment store, since it buys and sells rather than selling for you and taking a cut off the top. But to a shopper, it's all the same.) 

My love for consignment came full circle when Plato's Closet asked me to shop their Littleton store and see what I could style up with a $50 gift card. This (brand new!) J Crew skirt was $10 and the Gap shirt was $6 - I'm not complaining.

Chanelle x

Elliatt  cape ( in black on Nasty Gal ) |   Gap  The New Tailored Shirt in Geometric (  similar  ) (gift from  Plato's Closet ) |  J Crew  mini skirt (  similar  ) (gift from  Plato's Closet ) |  Vintage collar tips and earrings

Elliatt cape (in black on Nasty Gal) | Gap The New Tailored Shirt in Geometric (similar) (gift from Plato's Closet) | J Crew mini skirt (similar) (gift from Plato's Closet) | Vintage collar tips and earrings

Gap  The New Tailored Shirt in Geometric (  similar  ) (gift from  Plato's Closet ) |  J Crew  mini skirt (  similar  ) (gift from  Plato's Closet ) |  Ksubi  Memphis boots |  Cheap Monday   Point Black sunnies  (gift from General Pants)

Gap The New Tailored Shirt in Geometric (similar) (gift from Plato's Closet) | J Crew mini skirt (similar) (gift from Plato's Closet)| Ksubi Memphis boots | Cheap Monday Point Black sunnies (gift from General Pants)

Helmut Lang slouchy skinny jeans | Adidas Colorado Rockies top

"Look out your window, man! They doin' surveys or something."

"Naw, it's a woman taking photos of herself dog."

"Ain't chu ever seen people surveyin' before?"

"She got a camera, maybe she taking photos of our building."

That was the conversation buzzing five stories above my head as I shot around the corner from my house. It could have been worse, though; socks and heels aren't generally smiled upon around here. It had to be done, though, since I was all too eager to shoot these baggy new Helmut Lang trousers I scored off Poshmark.

You see, for the first time, my thighs seem to have made peace with so-called boyfriend jeans. In times gone by, I would froth over the perfect loose-fit pair, but it didn't matter whether they were One Teaspoon or 6397: they always looked too tight around my legs. (Whenever this causes lament, I remind myself that Beyonce has the same problem.) But trust Helmut Lang to have a fit that's just right. The bagginess is probably a little on the extreme side for those blessed women with praying mantis legs, but for my Fergalicious marathon-running legs, the cut is perfect.

These are a little bigger than they should be, since I accidentally ordered a size too large, but even then, I know the right size would be a great fit too. Nevertheless, this pair will be getting the hot water and tumble dry treatment for shrinkage and a flippantly worn-out look. At least I followed the golden rule: when it's just right, buy in both colours.

Chanelle x

PS: Just noted my trousers, heels and watch are the only parts of my outfit that aren't from the boys' section of the store. Sometimes ya just gotta get whatever fits best, right?!

Vintage blazer and watch | Adidas Colorado Rockies top | Helmut Lang slouchy skinny jeans | Alexander Wang braided sandals | Slazenger socks (gift from Harris Scarfe)

Vintage blazer and watch | Adidas Colorado Rockies top | Helmut Lang slouchy skinny jeans | Alexander Wang braided sandals | Slazenger socks (gift from Harris Scarfe)

Colorado Rockies baseball fashion
Helmut Lang skinny slouchy pants
Helmut Lang loose fit pants
Colorado Rockies baseball t-shirt
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APC sweater | Ksubi sunnies | H&M long cardigan

Alternative title: knits on knits on knits.

Sundays are for mimosas, languorous brunches, and friendships old and new. Winter Sundays call for knits, layers of cashmere and wool, and don't forget those ear muffs. This outfit is actually pretty non-standard for me - high socks and denim shorts are something I preferred three or four years ago. But old habits die hard when you wake up on a Sunday morning ready to cruise into a leisurely day of shooting and editing.

Chanelle x

Photos by Jules Davies

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H&M cardigan |  APC jumper  | Sass & Bide shorts | Sportsgirl socks |  Doc Martens low tops  | Ksubi sunnies (gift from General Pants)

H&M cardigan | APC jumper | Sass & Bide shorts | Sportsgirl socks | Doc Martens low tops | Ksubi sunnies (gift from General Pants)