Charlotte Russe cardigan - Casper & Pearl headband - Yeojin Bae dress

Claire Alice Young x Chanelle Leslie
Erdelyi Hair and Body
Casper & Pearl headband
Yeojin Bae bridal dress
The Eclective

Casper & Pearl headband

| Charlotte Russe cardigan | Yeojin Bae dress | Deena & Ozzy sandals (admittedly, not the best choice. haha.)

By Claire Alice Young

They say you're influenced by the environment you place yourself in. Well, by the end of the weekend, I left The Eclective wedding expo looking like a hippie bride. I even had a daisy bouquet! I functioned as a model for Erdelyi Hair and Body, who did a terrific job on my hair and makeup, using airbrush foundation. Being airbrushed was quite a bizarre feeling. I imagine that's what a wall might have felt like in the process of being tagged.

(Isn't this lipstick just the perfect shade of red? It's by a brand called Besame, which I'd never heard of before since it's pretty difficult to come by. This shade is Carmine, available online from Gemma Vendetta.)

Jeans - 728 x 90