Unretouched outtakes from Bloom Magazine's first issue

Gina wears Razak dress

Gina wears Razak dress

It was a grey Saturday morning about 11 months ago in Adelaide when four friends found themselves in a 1950s-era townhouse off Melbourne Street. Two were models, one was a photographer, and one was a hair & makeup artist - and all of them needed to refresh their portfolios. And just like that - with barely a lick of planning - a shoot was born.

Gina snatched dresses off her racks while I darted down to the church around the corner to ask if we could shoot. Larissa's brushes were put to work, and Kristy's 10-year-old son, Max, had an education on the duties of photoshoot styling.

It would be nice to have an army of talent, an exotic location, pools of clothing and equipment B&H buyers themselves would rave about. But I'm convinced the most inspirational work happens when you create with what you have.

There's not a visionary out there who hasn't victimised herself over the resources she doesn't have. But every time I'm tempted to whine about the tools I don't have, I recall the extraordinary people who do a lot with very little. Casey Neistat, who makes viral YouTube videos with a tiny silver Canon S120. Drake Doremus, who was 28 when he shot my favourite feature film on a budget of $250,000 with a camera I own.

These are merely the unretouched outtakes from the rest of the shoot, which features in Bloom Magazine, a new teen girls' publication out of Queensland. I'm not claiming they're anything special, because they aren't. But to me, they're a powerful reminder that creating with what you have always beats creating nothing at all.

Chanelle x

Hair & Makeup: Larissa Jones

Models: Gina Penhall (independent) & Kristy Templer @ Pride

St Peters church Adelaide
Gina wears vintage dress, pearls | Kristy wears Zac Posen for Target dress

Gina wears vintage dress, pearls | Kristy wears Zac Posen for Target dress