Why you should be friends with a photographer

The Eclective
red balloon polka dot dress

Vintage angora cardigan | Vintage polka dot maxi dress | Forever 21 earrings | Mimco hair bow | H&M belt

Photography by Claire Alice Young, photografriend-in-chief

Hype on lookbook

  1. Everybody needs a new profile picture sometimes. Nobody admits it. I mean, taking 'one for Myspace lol' is just so passe. So you tell everyone you need pictures together to frame in your room. Whatever. Do normal people (photographers aren't normal) even print photos anymore? You're not fooling anyone. We all know your Facebook picture hasn't changed in months. But invite a photographer friend (photografriend) out on those nights you have your swag on and you know you won't have to prod them for photos. It just happens.
  2. When it comes to pimples, Photoshop will always beat makeup. Because you're worth it.
  3. They'd love to photograph your wedding/21st/cousin's dog's birthday breakfast for free. The bare minimum for any photographer worth your while is $50 an hour...think about how much money you're saving by just repaying them in affection and camaraderie!
  4. It makes you look cool. Your photografriends are probably cooler than you. They probably have beards and tattoos and listen to their extensive 70's vinyl collection while drinking chai lattes made by a barista called Jean-Paul. And if they're not Asian, they've definitely studied art.
  5. Get close enough and you can be their plus one. Ever seen a media pass? It's that thing that lets photographers in where you can't go. And sometimes - not often - but sometimes, for the fun stuff like gigs and festivals, photographers are allowed to bring an 'assistant'. You know assistants. They're the ones that stand looking bored around 90% of the time, making everyone else wonder what their purpose is.
  6. It saves a lot of time when you're a fashion blogger. None of this tripod and remote business, just say the word and you'll have photos for your blog in an instant. Don't forget to remind your photografriend that they've been meaning to take more photos for some time and that this will help move them out of their creative rut. Win-win!

Your photografriend,



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