Anthony Adams' makeup tips - Celebrity makeup artist tutorial

Anthony Adams makeup artist

Ask anybody interstate about Adelaide-based makeup artists, and inevitably the words Dale Dorning will come to mind. For years, the man behind the face of Miranda Kerr and Delta Goodrem has been the only star child of the local makeup scene.

So it's with open arms that we welcome Sydney import Anthony Adams to the local fashion photography community. He's worked with Harper's Bazaar, Chanel, and dozens of high profile Sydneysiders, but for the past six months he's been settling into his new studio in North Adelaide. I got to visit the new studio and get his best makeup tips.

Contouring: With your cheeks, always imagine a line from the top of your ear to the corner of your mouth and contour along that line. Your blush should go on the apple of your cheek, then work it backwards towards your ear. Then you put your highlighter on top of that and blend that all in. 

Eye shadow:  For smaller eyes there's certain things you should do. that's avoiding any dark colours on your eyes; always go for lighter colours. if you have bigger eyes and you want to make them look smaller you can focus a lot of your colour just on the lid and blacken the lid and that will make your eyes look smaller.

Brows: Start with a brush or a mascara wand, always brushing in an upwards direction. With the kits you get three colours. You can use one colour all the time but the true idea of using these is that you actually use all the colours. The lightest colour is first and you go through the main part of the brow with it. Then go to the middle colour, and that is (on) your arch. Then we go to the blackest, and that's the tail of the brow. Then go back and brush it up again and that softens the lines you've created. 

Foundation: Whatever I'm going to put on the face always goes onto my hands first. Because you're putting it straight onto the face, you're going to put too much on every time because you're not able to control it. If it's on your hand you can control it and take what you need.

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