Country Road turtleneck - American Apparel skater dress

that time we hopped over to the next building
that time we went down the fire exit
that time we climbed a rooftop
Adelaide rooftop
Adelaide rooftop
Adelaide rooftop
Adelaide building
Rundle Mall

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Adelaide is just as much as city of abandoned buildings as it is a city of churches. Not the hostile kind of abandoned buildings so commonplace in Hollywood. Our city centre is populated with gentle, elderly buildings, left to wither in their harsh fortune of desertion. I think these huts of misery deserve a chance to be rediscovered, and I've set out to find them.

Most of them are reminiscent of 12 Grimmauld Place, the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix. You won't find them unless you're looking. So Claire and I, we stomped up stairwells and slithered up corrugated iron rooftops. We held our noses at the stench and dust and debris and of a department store relinquished since 1987. Babies' toys, underwear, beer bottles. There was once life here. Pigeon faeces. Now there isn't.

It's my hope that as movements like



Renew Adelaide

, and


gain momentum, we'll be able to wipe the filthy tears of our old buildings and at least reupholster them as functioning arts venues if nothing else. Adelaide, we need them.

(This is fast becoming a blog about Claire. No regrets.)