Adelaide fashion blogger Caitlin Johns

This may sound shallow, but my life would honestly be incredibly different if not for this blog. (Raise your hand if you're a Gen Y.)  I wouldn't have my full-time job as a copywriter or any freelance jobs as a photographer, which says a lot in itself. But even more significantly, the absence of Not So Naked would also mean the absence of some amazing people in my life. Even during simple things like weekend trips to Sydney, my days are lit up with gorgeous people that I initially met because of the world wide web.

Back home in Adelaide, one of those people is Caitlin Johns, a bright young marketer whom I met because she has a fashion blog of her own. She's smart, kind, and modest, and over the years I've known her, I don't think I've heard her say a bad word against anybody.

Together we invaded the greens of the Toorak Burnside Bowling Club, and to the amusement of the members, I photographed Caity in her best. Check out her blog, Caity Says, for more images from this shoot, and to see more of what inspires her.

Chanelle x

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