A Jacksonian Era Spring/Summer lookbook - Gold Coast fashion designer

Brittni Rippon model
Cleopatra Jackson, designer of A Jacksonian Era.

Cleopatra Jackson, designer of A Jacksonian Era.

While most photographers seem to fantasise about working absolutely freely, with no commercial expectations or limitations from clients at all, I'm quite the opposite. I love the challenge of working creatively within a set of boundaries.

It's why I grew the most when I was working within the harsh creative constraints of tabloid newsrooms. And it's also why I always enjoy shooting for South Australian-turned-Queenslander Cleo Jackson and her label, A Jacksonian Era. She knows exactly what she wants in a location, a model, and a mood.  

And as for location? I couldn't have been more spoilt. She flew me up to the sunny Gold Coast to work in studio with 22-year-old swimwear model Brittni Rippon. 

We managed to dash out after the lookbook shoot to catch the last of the sunset, and what a sunset it was. 

As for the lookbook itself, I know some people will say the lighting wasn't perfect, but again, I loved the challenge of only being able to work with a single spare Bowen head. 

If you like the look of Cleo's pieces, you can now head to her website and buy online - she launched the e-shop today!

Chanelle x


A Jacksonian Era bikini
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Brittni Rippon
Gold coast photoshoot
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