Adelaide models: Girlfriend Model Search winner Jemma Baines

Jemma Baines at Miss Unkon

My favourite email I've received to date came out of the blue with the subject line 'Proud Dad!'. It was Adelaide artist Andrew Baines, who got in touch to let me know about his daughter Jemma's blog and her international success. Of course, it's hard not to know about Jemma's success, given that she won the Girlfriend Model Search in 2010 and has since walked for everyone from Chanel to Valentino. And how could I not feature Jemma when her dad brought tears to my eyes with the line


I didn’t realize how much I missed her just being around'? You can

read her chronicles of life as an international model at her blog

, and see her answers (emailed fresh from Paris!) and photos I've taken of her at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week 2011 below. Jemma is signed to

Chic Management

in Australia and


in New York.

How old are you, and how old do you feel? 

I am 18 years young but I feel around 25.

Do you feel like people treat you differently because you're a model? 

People do treat me differently as some think it’s a non educational job; this is far from the truth as models are some of the most intelligent people I have met. I myself have grown with knowledge and I have a better concept about cultures and sociology since starting. 

Jemma Baines at Morrison

What does it feel like to walk down a couture runway? 

It is exhilarating, as all eyes are on you in this beautiful dress. You are embodying the brand and you have been chosen to model for that house.

Is it hard to travel as much as you do, or do you love every moment? 

I do have my moments when I realize I am so incredibly lucky to be in Spain or Russia experiencing everything I do. Then I have days when I feel lonely as I have no one to share my amazing adventures with and I am 28 hours from home.

Your dad is obviously very proud of you; do your parents collect all your photos to show the relatives? 

Every time I come home at Christmas my mum’s collection of my editorials is getting bigger and blocking my view of the TV. My parents are very proud!

How do you think you'll remember this time in your life in decades to come? 

I have a sketch book that my dad bought me for Christmas that I have been drawing in every time I achieve something exceptional. Right now I have a sketch of my Valentino couture dress and Karl Lagerfeld, they definitely bring memories back.

Jemma Baines at Josh Goot

What is Karl Lagerfeld really like? 

Karl Lagerfeld is what I would describe as a endangered species. He is truly one of a kind, I have never met someone like him before, as charismatic and clever as he is. Its a remarkable feeling being in his presence, an easy going and decisive aurora.

What's your favourite city? 

My favourite city is London!

Why do you blog? 

I blog to allow people to follow what I have been doing, I don't like being the only one to see what I am doing. I feel selfish.

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