Chanelle Leslie
Chanelle Leslie
Award-winning Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer in New York City


In 2011, I got my first photography job at Fairfax Media, an international newspaper network.

Photo by  Danae Leslie

Photo by Danae Leslie

My formal training focused on photojournalism, but soon I began shooting for renowned wedding photography company White Wall. Then, I found myself in the fashion industry, where I flew across the country and around the world to shoot events as large as New York Fashion Week and Australian Fashion Week.

In the following two years, I shot for real estate companies, nightclubs, music festivals, an airline, and fashion labels including ASOS, Jetstar, Stereosonic and Zara.

In 2013 I won Best Overall Photo and Best in Arts & Culture for the national Do Something Near You Awards. That same year, I found out I was runner-up in the South Australian Country Press Awards for Best News Photo for a front page story I shot for the Murray Valley Standard.

These days I live in New York City, and lately I've been shooting weddings and portraits for small businesses, musicians, NFL players and more. What can I shoot for you?

notable Clients & Publishers include:

Agencies & Networks

Australian Broadcasting CorporationNews Ltd Australia | Fairfax MediaInterweave Press/f+w media | Catchlight MediaKey MediaClassic PhotographersRip It Up! Publishing | David Tutera Wedding Photograhy | White Wall

Digital Publications

Pocketto | BirdeeTuula Vintage | Friend in Fashion | XXIV Magazine | Denver Style Magazine | Yen | GLAM Adelaide | Lovage Magazine | ragtrader

Print Publications

I.M. Mag | Adelaide Hills Magazine | Bloom Mag | South Australian Style | Parade | Circus | Jetstar Asia Magazine | Enhance Magazine | Spook Magazine

Galleries & Exhibitions

FourwordsThe Adelaide Fringe FestivalSalad DaysMurray Bridge Regional Gallery | RedLine

Fashion Labels & Retailers

ASOS | Abby Sparks JewelryA Jacksonian Era | General Pants Co | Landmine Design | oVertone Haircare | Zara

Nightclubs & Music Promoters

Rhino Room | White Rabbit Disco | DistillThe WoolshedStereosonic | UniGames | Crippen Place | Dog & DuckKRFC | Soundpond

Musicians & Personalities

AbramsBrazen Kids of York | The Copper Children | Germein Sisters | Filthy Lucre | Wild High | Rose Quartz | Sunboy | Kym Miaco | Influencers Band | Set Sail | Margaret Zhang 



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What did you like about your photos? How did you feel when she was photographing you? What makes Chanelle different? What kind of person do you think would like Chanelle's work best?
Chanelle is amazing with capturing candid photos and also making you feel comfortable even when you think you’re doing a “silly pose.” Her style of work is unique and I trusted her to tell us what to do (since we had no idea.) But I also know if you have something in mind, she will make it happen. She simply is just great at what she does. Highly recommended!
— Amanda & Tommie, Engagement Portrait Clients
Chanelle was a wonderful photographer for our wedding. She handled the whole day perfectly being a “fly on the wall” to capture the ceremony and also took charge in organizing wonderful group shots afterwards. The pictures we received from her were absolutely stunning. Chanelle is very accommodating and professional with her work. She has a great eye for beautiful photography. I would highly recommend her for any professional photography services.
— Adam, Wedding Client
Chanelle is not just a photographer, she is an artist. The photos she took exceeded my expectations. Though being in front of a camera can be awkward, Chanelle made us feel more than comfortable. Her humor put us at ease and allowed our love to show through the images. She truly captured our spirits in such an organic and natural way.
— Jacqueline, Engagement Portrait Client
Chanelle has an eye that is able to capture the most unique and radiant photos. She amazes me with her talent and her ability to work with whatever environment she may be in. I had a crazy idea of floating in a freezing cold lake with white fabric all around me for a piece I was writing about reflections, and Chanelle made that come to life. She made me feel confident and sparked the creative match I was needing. Her style, her taste, her passion - it is all truly incredible.
— Alex, Portraiture Client
Chanelle has the incredible talent of capturing a photograph that you will be drawn into - again and again. She doesn’t simply take a photo, she reveals a story. Her work is timeless. She is confident and charismatic, bribing the best out of everyone. If I could be photographed by Chanelle and work on creative projects with her everyday I would! I’ve never felt as comfortable in front of a camera as I was with her. I feel on top of the world every time I look at the photos she captured of me.
— Regan, Fashion Model
Chanelle is a phenomenal photographer and she is incredibly professional. I was coming from Atlanta to Colorado to do my wedding and she was able to work with me from afar very easily. We found our location the week that we arrived and she was very flexible with where the location would be. She really listened to what I wanted out of wedding photos and was very great at giving directions when we needed it. She also was very efficient when giving our photos via dropbox. Everything with Chanelle was very easy through this entire process. I would highly recommend her for your event! She is awesome!
— Chelsea & Brion, Wedding Clients
View more of Chelsea & Brion's  wedding photos here .

View more of Chelsea & Brion's wedding photos here.

Rose Quartz has worked with Chanelle on several concert shoots, and each time she has more than fulfilled our needs and expectations. She is highly organised and cares deeply about her work, resulting in images that are always well-planned, well-executed and beautiful. We will absolutely be working with Chanelle again in the future!
— Rose Quartz, Touring band
Chanelle was our wedding photographer in Texas. She was inconspicuous, prompt, and professional. The photos she delivered were beautiful. We couldn’t recommend a better photographer! Chanelle. Is. Awesome.
— Ethan & Katie, Wedding Clients
The results have always spoken for themselves, her work is amazing! Chanelle is always professional, follows the brief/instructions that you have provided her with and is quick to use initiative.
— Renee, event coordinator
Chanelle did both our engagement and wedding photography. She was quick to return our photos to us. The quality of the photos is great. She is very punctual and professional. It was so much fun working with her. Highly recommended.
— Aimee & Brandon, Wedding Clients

as seen in

Featured in XXIV Magazine, 2013

Featured in XXIV Magazine, 2013

Interviewed in The Guardian, 2013.

Interviewed in The Guardian, 2013.

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Highlighted by SheInspires, 2013

Feature on Chanelle's work in The Fashion Section, 2013

Feature on Chanelle's work in The Fashion Section, 2013

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Highlighted by IFB, 2013

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Highlighted by Fashion Review, 2013

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Interviewed for Benah, 2014

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Profile in The Urban Silhouette, 2013

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Featured in Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily, 2013

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Interviewed for Posse, 2013